Welcome to our Craft Room!

Our craft room is a space that is open at all times during store hours, available for a single craft project when the fancy takes you, or as a rentable space for birthday parties and group crafts! Scroll below to learn more about our parties and instructions.

Our Projects

We have several projects available in the store than are unique, simple, and with only a few exceptions can go home with you on the same day. Choose from the following options for a birthday party or craft group, or come anytime during business hours from Tuesday to Sunday, 11-6pm to choose. See below for details, and use the contact form below if you have any questions!


Ages 4-7

These crafts are suitable for young kids due to their simplicity. With some parent supervision, these projects are not only fun, but give the kids a sense of accomplishment!

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Ages 7-11

Requiring a bit more dexterity and independence, these projects are perfect for kids in this age group. This is a wide range of projects with plenty of choices.

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Ages 12-100

Suitable for middle schoolers and over, these projects are a fun challenge for teens, and really great for that much needed release of creativity.

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Reserve Your Birthday Party Now!

Our parties are perfect for kids who enjoy crafts. With reasonable prices and optional custom decor packages, our parties are gaining popularity! Select your package for our craft based parties! Feel free to reach out for any customizations. Reserve your party by choosing your package, picking your time and date, and paying the deposit. Full price of package is listed in the party description. Remaining balance is collected at the venue.

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