Unveiling UltraRay Luxury Spa: Your Pathway to Clean Beauty and Ultimate Pampering

Unveiling UltraRay Luxury Spa: Your Pathway to Clean Beauty and Ultimate Pampering

In this insightful interview, we had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel East, the visionary behind UltraRay Luxury Spa. From its inception amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel's passion for skincare and dedication to providing high-quality products has propelled UltraRay into a flourishing business. Join us as we delve into Rachel's inspiring journey, the careful curation of her products, and the exciting future plans for UltraRay Luxury Spa.

Interviewer: How did your business start? Is there anything that inspired you?

RE: My business started during COVID! I've always been obsessed with skincare and was at first targeting to start a Youtube Channel dedicated to skincare. Instead, I noticed that many of the skincare gurus actually weren't licensed. I then chose to get the education first and attend esthetics school. Upon graduating, I formulated the UltraRay Blemish Oil shortly after and used it on my clients in the treatment room. The blemish oil grew in popularity and shortly after more products were added to the line. Fast forward, two years later, and we are a full-fledge business offering facial treatments, a small line of skincare items, and spa inspired candles!

Interviewer: Tell us a little about how your products are made/curated?

RE: All my products are handmade by me! Normally product ideas are requests from my customers and clients. I do thorough research and see if the product indeed fits into my brand. If it makes sense, I start formulation focusing on products that enhance the skin, address skin conditions, and help solve a skincare concern. Everything is curated based on the seasonal concept; from the vessel colors, to the scents used, creative direction of the product shoots, and launch timing.

Interviewer: Why do you think your customers love your products? What do your products provide for people?

RE: I think my clients enjoy my product because not only is it great quality but I take the time to address the little things that most top-level consumers ignore. For example, UltraRay Home Candles are vigorously tested multiple times based on successful candle standards to ensure a safe candle experience. Alongside testing, UltraRay also focuses on using safe and clean ingredients to avoid any irritations or negative experiences. All of our skincare products go through the same vigorous testing and usage to ensure a positive consumer experience. Products we provide are body soaps, body scrubs, blemish oils, and spa inspired candles.

Interviewer: What does the future hold for your business? Are there any plans or goals you'd like to share?

RE: The future is bright for UltraRay! There has been slight product expansion which debuted at our local markets and they are doing well! UltraRay Skin now includes Perfume Rollerballs, super popular with all! The Fall Candle Line is being developed now and scents are being curated for both the candles and perfume rollerballs. We're also adding body butter to the line, which is still in the beginning stages. We are expanding into more stores, looking to be featured in a mall in South Carolina in a few months! As we move into the second half of the year, UltraRay is focused on making this the most successful yet!

A big thank you to Rachel East for chatting with us! UltraRay Luxury Spa embodies the essence of clean beauty and indulgent self-care. With a passion for skincare and a commitment to crafting high-quality products, Rachel East has created a brand that resonates with customers seeking a luxurious spa experience. From meticulously curated skincare items to spa-inspired candles, UltraRay offers a range of products that prioritize effectiveness and safety.

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